Welcome MACE16 students!

mace16-welcomeWelcome to Kingston’s MA in Creative Industries & the Creative Economy (or MACE as it is usually referred to).  It is an enjoyable if challenging programme that offers a genuinely inspiring and innovative learning experience. The very unique characteristic of this MA is that it is a portfolio of 11 specialist courses combining business/management and entrepreneurship modules with the opportunity to get an in-depth knowledge of a specific creative industry. The courses encourage high levels of creativity, networking and ‘learning by doing’.

As always, the true nature of the course will only be revealed through the unique interaction with YOU, the individuals for whom the course has been designed.  We very much look forward to getting to know each one of you, and sharing in a rewarding and happy time whilst you are on the programme.

You are now officially a member of the MACE community, and as such you are a MACER!

With our very best wishes,

MACE Course Team

MACE: business as usual

Dear MACErs and friends of MACE,

It is now a week since the EU Referendum. Following the vote and the decision for the UK to leave the European Union, our Vice-Chancellor has responded to reassure Kingston University will remain committed to its mission to be an open and inclusive international institution.

As the leader of the MACE course, and a MACE alumna too, I am reaching out to you on a more personal level to reassure you that MACE remains an international course with cross-cultural friendship, collaboration, and empathy at its core. Year on year, over 90% of MACE students are international, and this makes us a diverse family with friends and alumni all over the world. Our diversity guarantees we will always remain a part of the global creative and business community.

For all of us on MACE, globalisation, diversity, cross-cultural collaboration, empathy, and leadership are not buzzwords – every year, all together, we work hard to understand the opportunities and challenges associated with each of these ideas while we test them on our own skins. It is hard, but as creatives at heart – we know the importance of true grit.

What the EU referendum and its aftermath are illuminating is the need for creatively progressive ways of understanding, thinking, doing, and leading in our increasingly complex and globalised world. Despite the uncertainty we face at the moment, MACE gives something genuinely positive to focus on – because we remain true to the right values and to challenging the outdated dogmas of understanding, thinking, doing, and leading.

It is going to be a challenging year ahead of us but we will all work as hard as we always do. No matter how close or far you are, I hope you will join in to help MACE welcome new students and declare – business as usual.

Thank you, all.

MACE Stories: Magda: “We got stuck on trying to solve the wrong problem.”

The company I was a part of was called MSAJ and it was created by Aye Nge, Jung Mi Lee, Sakeenah Martin and myself. The biggest problem in our group and what we have learnt to see as the biggest strength was diversity. Each of the team members comes from a different country, studies different subjects, has different interest, perspective and skills. At the start of the module, we did not know how to embrace diversity. We tried to have the same way of thinking, to uniform our ideas. We quickly learnt that this will not help the group, but destroy it.

The first part of the task was to come up with an idea for a product. This was also the part we struggled with the most…

Source: Magda’s Reflective Essay