Smart Bag

Thinking, designing and prototyping a bag can be very challenging.

We looked at different ideas, all valuable.

I would like to give you an extra challenge. Can you post 100 characters max that best describes how your bag is innovative? Which is the key concept? How would you communicate it? Please attach the “logo” image that best represent your idea. Images need to be from this afternoon session.

Bag Challenge


2 thoughts on “Smart Bag

  1. The quantitive data that our team has collected proved that one of the most common issues of bag owners is theft. Our creative team have been working on this breakthrough solution for a while now and the result is Mumma Rose Bag.

    The task of a bag was to securely lock the possessions in the bag using an innovative fingerprint technology. It is a step up from various locks and codes. 100% personalised product of the highest quality.

    We also thought of the busy entrepreneurs who enjoy going to classes with all their belongings (after all those long meetings of course) and are forced to leave their bags in unlocked public changing rooms. If the bag gets stolen, the owner is able to find the back through our ‘Track the Bag’ app that locates the bag through GPS system.

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  2. Based on personal experience and observation that was easily made prior to designing the ‘Smart Bag” , we realise that many people carry a fair amount of electronic devices with them.And, these devices very often run out of battery.

    So our team thought why don’t we design a bag that can solve the problem of your electronic devices running out of battery.

    We came up with a simple concept whereby the owner of the power bag had only to connect the device he wished to charge to the bag and while walking with the bag , the device would be charged.

    I believe the idea of the power bag is innovative as one, it does not exist on the marktet and somehow based on the idea of the power bank , we adjusted it , in a way redesigning the power bank concept helped us to design the power bag .


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