Hybrid Keyholders. The Infrastructe of our Society

This morning I read an article from MIT News that describes how big ideas happen. The article fits well with the second challenge I gave you: Tangible 2.0 Key Holder.

2.0 is a web page that includes interaction. Social Networks are 2.0 pages. Social Networks are also the contemporary infrastructure, which has the benefit to be scale-less. They can be huge and small at the same time. This “skill” allows them to adapt to the environment. This is why it is important to understand the logic, or the architecture, under which social networks work. The environment they create is the context where your big ideas take place. Indeed in this article it is described that the “real” skill that entrepreneurs need to understand is the capability to adapt, which means scaling up and down according to the context.

In the presentation I also touched the point of what design, as abstract concept, is. This other article, indeed, defines design as “A World of Unvisible Solutions”. Quite poetic, right? Design is material and immaterial. People establish relationships with things. Relationships are important data to take into account when exploring “unknown territories”. Human senses are the way we reify reality. We understand the surrounding by sight, but we do remember memories via touch, smell and sound. To think about an object of design needs some reflection in this context. Design is material, as much immaterial. Design define infrastructure, which are connections among people.

Hence the challenge.

Although skept alive I saw all of you growing confidence during the presentation. I did liked the way you described your work. Some ideas fulfilled the challenge, some less. But big congratulation to all of you.

What I would like now is if you can please “key frame” your experience. Would you please list for me the pros and cons of the challenge? By looking at it in perspective ( almost a week is gone) I would like that you critically analyse your work. What you think you learned? What you would like to improve and why? Then key word it for me. You need to be clear and simple. Big ideas are straightforward.

Looking forward to reading your comments.

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