Hybrid Keyholders. The Infrastructe of our Society

This morning I read an article from MIT News that describes how big ideas happen. The article fits well with the second challenge I gave you: Tangible 2.0 Key Holder.

2.0 is a web page that includes interaction. Social Networks are 2.0 pages. Social Networks are also the contemporary infrastructure, which has the benefit to be scale-less. They can be huge and small at the same time. This “skill” allows them to adapt to the environment. This is why it is important to understand the logic, or the architecture, under which social networks work. The environment they create is the context where your big ideas take place. Indeed in this article it is described that the “real” skill that entrepreneurs need to understand is the capability to adapt, which means scaling up and down according to the context.

In the presentation I also touched the point of what design, as abstract concept, is. This other article, indeed, defines design as “A World of Unvisible Solutions”. Quite poetic, right? Design is material and immaterial. People establish relationships with things. Relationships are important data to take into account when exploring “unknown territories”. Human senses are the way we reify reality. We understand the surrounding by sight, but we do remember memories via touch, smell and sound. To think about an object of design needs some reflection in this context. Design is material, as much immaterial. Design define infrastructure, which are connections among people.

Hence the challenge.

Although skept alive I saw all of you growing confidence during the presentation. I did liked the way you described your work. Some ideas fulfilled the challenge, some less. But big congratulation to all of you.

What I would like now is if you can please “key frame” your experience. Would you please list for me the pros and cons of the challenge? By looking at it in perspective ( almost a week is gone) I would like that you critically analyse your work. What you think you learned? What you would like to improve and why? Then key word it for me. You need to be clear and simple. Big ideas are straightforward.

Looking forward to reading your comments.


8 thoughts on “Hybrid Keyholders. The Infrastructe of our Society

  1. Hi Laura
    It took a while to wrap my head around my response, but am giving it a go! Much like the challenge, I needed to allow myself to be open to alternate ways of thinking. I will try as best as possible to be concise too 🙂

    Pro’s – the challenge really forced me (and my team) to think of design as translating sensory abstraction. I have never done this before, and so believe I have flexed the breadth of my cognitive understanding. I certainly enjoyed this aspect.
    Con’s – I would have loved more time to really grapple with the concept and its execution, but hey, maybe the time constraint added to the effectiveness of the challenge.

    In a keyword/s (and in lack of drawing expertise for key framing) I would summarise the M.E solution as:

    M.E : ‘Unlocking the Subjective Experience’
    (M.E – stands for Memory Empathizer 2.0)

    Reflectively, I think my team and I could have gone into more detail around the tactile experience of the solution. Our ‘bump’ of the devices could possibly be more of a hand-holding exercise, mimicking the experience of a genuine desire to connect and aiding authenticity to the act of sharing. We could have too have more developed ideas around ‘blitzscaling’ the product – I think that needs work on it. I am not sure whether our definition is as straightforward as a big idea should be, and we may need more work on that too.

    Guess, it is back to the drawing board – Great challenge, in every ‘sense’ of the word!


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    • Hi Michelle,
      You spotted the correct words: ambition, desire, aspiration. These three words push people to do stuff. Look behind the object, think about the kind of possibilities that the object can open in terms of network. Network has an open meaning, the “bump” creates network, which has an extra quality you should definitely evaluate: it’s human. We want to think about humans and how they relate to the world when thinking about possible ideas.
      Good luck



  2. Hey Laura,

    At first, the challenge seemed a bit complex to understand. It looked like most of us were hoping to get a clearer idea of what we needed to do (I tend to do that a lot but I guess this class will help me change that mindset). But when you and Janja reminded us that “there are no right or wrong answers here” we all felt more comfortable to begin working. So far, the team and I have been able to work together pretty well.

    Although I have to say that I enjoy brainstorming and coming up with ideas a lot more than developing and presenting them; I guess that’s another thing I have to work on.

    Anyway, what I like the most about these challenges is how they push us to think and see things from a different perspective.


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    • Hi Inaky,
      Great to hear that such “metaphysical” challenge helped to flip the way you look and observe things. Remember to sharp your eyes. Observe and listen with an open mind is the best way to pursue innovation. Don’t think straight at the solution. Evaluate the context and understand the exisiting conditions.
      Good luck



  3. Hi Laura,

    Been dabbling with my thoughts a bit before writing a reply to your post. It’s been quite difficult changing my ways of thinking ever since I was introduced to design thinking so it hasn’t been a smooth ride with some of these challenges.

    The pros to these challenges is that it has forced me to work in big groups of people and has taught me just how important it is to collaborate. Not only important but your ideas simply blossom in a much healthier way when you’re being given constant input from your peers who can criticise or construct on your idea. I’ve liked the challenge of the time constraints and the creativity that this squeezes from us during the prototyping phase.

    The only con I can think about is something that I’ve already said was a pro, but it’s time constraint. If we were given more time to build on our ideas and develop them further, I believe some of us can come with some pretty interesting products.

    I’ve learned to be more empathetic with the end users and to better comprehend what are their needs rather than just assuming. Because of this, I need to work on my research skills and methodology since I’ve felt I’ve fell short on some areas due to poor or lack of extensive research.

    To “key frame” it and put my experience in a word, I would say it has been “malleable”, meaning that my experience has been hard to change but there’s a possibility it can be pressed and moulded into the desired one.


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    • Hi Fernando, it’s interesting how you framed time as pro and cons. You are right. Sometimes you wish to have more time. Nevertheless short challenges help to focus on the key concept. It helps to remove the surplus and get right to the point you reckon more important. When brainstorming time is crucial; perfect meetings happen in 15 minutes. You can polish your idea afterwards.


  4. I would start by agreeing with my other classmates by saying it is a challenge being on the course and in the beginning of the class very often i felt being like in a mist among all those fancy topics that we needed to derive and develop business ideas.

    Honestly, most of the time it did not seem very “doable” at the beginning of the class.However , as the lectures progressed, surprisingly all the teams came up with a lot of good ideas and many of which did not seem so “fancy” that cannot be materialised into something feasible.

    So the pros i have personally experienced specially with the ‘ hybrid key holders challenge’ , to get ideas to create something innovative is not as complicated as i thought it to be and this was something i always wanted to develop within myself.

    Like you said it beautifully Laura, “big ideas are straightforward” and it made a lot of sense specially when trying to develop something concrete for the “hybrid keyholders” and based on what the Dr Dan Lockton explained during the work session we had with him ,everything seem to click .

    To develop a business idea , it does not necessarily mean to create something new for it to be innovative .It can still be innovative by redesigning an object or service by making it more effective and that was the idea by creating the ” Memory E Cigarette”

    One other important pros of the course that i have enjoyed is to learn to work in team.It is not always an easy task because i have recently joined the group but the team works that we have done until now showed how as a team we manage to meet the challenge based on the input of each member of the team.It was great experience.Thank you to all those i have worked with and looking forward to work with my new team .:)

    Talking of the con aspect is the time factor we have to create business ideas and develop but i honestly do not worry about it as i know that when we will be working on a project we would have a reasonable amount of time to develop and work on the business idea. I find it quite interesting until now and somehow valuable as i feel we can put into practise those techniques of thinking and working fast as we may always run out of time when we are working on real projects.

    I find the MACE course extremely interesting and valuable in helping people develop their skills in terms of really thinking out of the box .On a personal level, as a prospective entrepreneur i find it great opportunity to help me build up a more innovative approach to business ideas.



  5. Hi Megan,
    Think simple it’s the key. Innovation can be a little component of a whole chain, whose introduction makes a massive change. This is why I encourage you to see things as network; it helps to understand opportunities, possibilities and feasibility. An object is the outcome of a very complex system, which is the real target when thinking about innovation. It is not the key holder but what the key holder allows you to do and experience.



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