Building products that customers love

Last week we dug deeper into the topics of entrepreneurship and startups. Your comments on my question “What is a startup?” are the beginning of the debate so keep them coming as we go, please.

The Lean Startup

I’ve asked you to read the book, and here is more food for thought:

Also check out the free Lean Startup Co. webcast to build up on our Storytelling for Entrepreneurs session, and on the Lean Canvas session – they will be discussing with Tom Nguyen how ’empathetic design, radical simplicity, and iteration will help you build products that bring people joy’.

‘Tom Nguyen is Principal Product Manager and product lead for Adobe Voice, an award-winning storytelling app that lets anyone create engaging explainer videos in minutes. Its mission is to democratize storytelling, to help people make an impact by sharing stories that matter.’

Finally, our agenda for tomorrow:

10AM – 1PM in KHFL2011

Storytelling for Entrepreneurs (Rob Grundel


2PM – 6PM in KHBS3033

Lean Canvas (Richard Anson)

Don’t forget your M&Ms!
See you all tomorrow!

P.S. I keep linking to people on LinkedIn – follow the breadcrumbs, please.

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