Focusing on the customer

This week we spent time looking at value propositions and how they are critical to all your businesses.  The value proposition canvas sits between business strategy and brand strategy and is a good way for you to quickly distill and then test your value propositions.

“Getting out of the building” and obtaining feedback from your early adopters is as essential to testing value propositions, as it is to the product/service itself.

What’s at the very heart of your value proposition – the customer!  In your rush to build out your businesses don’t forget that everything revolves around the customer.  The emotional aspects, their fears, wants and needs are hugely important and need to feed into your product’s user experience, features and benefits.

I thought you might enjoy this podcast interview I recently did with Jeremy Fennell, the MD of Carphonewarehouse.  It is of course a much larger business, but the one thing that comes across loud and clear during the interview is Jeremy’s laser like focus on the customer and their customer experience…


One thought on “Focusing on the customer

  1. I agree with you , Lean Canvas is a useful approach but one key question?
    Did all successful businesses go through this approach ?
    Some business are successful because they are successful but some extend adopting modern approach of marketing and business management are handy and could be applied to improve business’s profitability.


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