Go to market with VISA – this Thursday

VISA workshop
Thursday 11 February 18:30 – 21:30 KHBS027

This Thursday you are invited to our special  session run by VISA. They are running a bespoke workshop on developing your ‘go to market’ strategies.

The session will look at and develop the following:

1.  The ‘go to market’ roadmap
2.  What does a successful go to market strategy look like? What are the key considerations and ingredients?
3.  What distribution channels should be considered? How to assess the right channel(s) for your company/product/service?
4.  What do corporate buyers / procurement teams look for? What kind of questions will they ask of new suppliers, what types of checklists & due diligence will they undertake?
5.  What does success look like and how should it be measured?

I highly recommend you attend the session – your businesses need it. Also, the Sales Workshop session on Friday with David Knull will make more sense if you understand the bigger picture.

Now, some housekeeping:
1 Please send me your sales figures for the last week.

2 Please send me links to your adverts, and don’t forget links to your Fb, Instagram, Twitter etc. – as identified as part of your digital strategy.

Deadline: 23:59 tonight.

Finally, thanks very much to all of you who came out on Friday – it was a nice mix of #mace14, #mace15, and MACE friends. I hope to see many more of your for the next one 🙂

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