MACE15 Start-up Adverts (v1): Team Lucky 5


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One thought on “MACE15 Start-up Adverts (v1): Team Lucky 5

  1. Well done guys (all the teams)! I’ve been sneaking around your ppts and videos ahead of the Dragons’ Den, and I must say that I am rather surprised with the quality of the presentations. Whow!

    Perhaps I am too used to my own corporate finance world in which the final productivity of the product/service takes the central stage, not putting that much effort in the what, who, how… The creative development is just marketing and we throw resources at it. We are so far and disconnected from the freshness of some of your creative ideas.

    Sometimes the solution is to scrap it all and go back the the pure origins of the concept. Check this:

    Thank you for this wave of fresh thinking! Keep ‘thinking different’ and don’t allow anything to interfere with it.



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