Social Media and Networking Report due by noon on Friday

As you know, the deadline for your one-page Networking Report is this Friday. You can find the form under Coursework on StudySpace. As stated on the Assessments page, this assignment is going to be Peer Marked. We will do this in class on Friday, online through Turnitin – please bring your laptops to class. Here are the details of how that will work:

  1. Submit your one-page report by noon on Friday 4 March. You can even submit it today if you like!
  2. In class on Friday, you will be given a list of papers to mark in TurnitIn after 2:10PMIt will take about 30 minutes.
  3. In total, you will mark 3 one-page papers. All 3 will be assigned randomly by the software. All 3 should be anonymous – don’t write your name on your report.
  4. Each report you will mark has 6 questions that you will rate on a scale of 1-5:


How would you rate their blog activity overall? (Scale 0-5)

How would you rate their social media activity (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) overall? (Scale 0-5)

How would you rate their online reputation building attempts overall? The key word here is reputation rather than activity. (Scale 0-5)

How would you rate their networking opportunities: conferences, workshops, etc. Did they really put themselves out there and take advantage of many opportunities to meet others and make contacts? (Scale 0-5)

How would you rate the value of their top 3 contacts? Value = does this person have influence? (Scale 0-5)

How would you rate the use of their top 3 most important contacts? Use = have they followed up with this person in a beneficial way? (Scale 0-5)

Rating something as 1 point means very little or no attempt was made. Rating something as 5 points means it was the absolute best you’ve seen. You can earn 30 points maximum for your report. As a guide:

0-10 = minimum effort

10-20 = average effort

20-30 = mind-blowing effort


Time to impress your peers! Good luck!

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