Final Business Report guidelines

Your team report is a written record of your final Dragons’ Den presentation. Report should be no more than 20 pages including appendix and between 1000-2500 words, as images can help in documenting your journey better than words in some sections.

Your presentation will answer the questions below in an engaging and dynamic way. Your report is simply a means of capturing your presentation, producing financial statements and including photographs of your team’s activities over the year.


  • 20% Business Pitch (presentation skills): Can you deliver an engaging 6 minute presentation that convinces others to invest in your business?  Do all team members contribute in a balanced way? Your presentation must cover the following topics, in order:


  • 20% Marketing: How did you understand and choose your target market? Do your advertising materials clearly outline the benefits of your product? Does it do so in an interesting and compelling way? Does it sync with your brand? Did you use the appropriate advertising channels?


  • 20% Finances: You must include:
    1. pricing strategy (why you priced the product the way you did and how it left room for profit, this is where you detail all your costs per unit and the amount of profit per unit)
    2. balance sheet (generated from your young enterprise software)
    3. profit & loss statement (generated from your young enterprise software)
    4. cashflow 1-year forecast from October 2015 – September 2016 (excel template link located on StudySpace).


  • 20% Ambition, Customer Relations & Lessons Learned: Did you set high achievable goals in terms of sales, marketing and product selection? What did you learn from your failures when your goals weren’t met? How did you work with others to gain insight for key aspects of your business? What have you learned from this live business experience?


  • 20% Sales & Brand (Trade Stand, Packaging, Company Branding, Sales Pitch): Does your packaging clearly communicate what the product is, in a well-designed format? Does your display clearly communicate the message of your product’s benefits as well as your brand? Is your product innovative? Is your sales pitch delivered well? This last section is judged at the Kingston Ancient Market Trade Fair in March. For your report, please include images of your display, branding, packaging and other trade fair photos as appropriate.


DOWNLOAD: Dragons Den Marking Sheet

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