MACE Stories: Magda: “We got stuck on trying to solve the wrong problem.”

The company I was a part of was called MSAJ and it was created by Aye Nge, Jung Mi Lee, Sakeenah Martin and myself. The biggest problem in our group and what we have learnt to see as the biggest strength was diversity. Each of the team members comes from a different country, studies different subjects, has different interest, perspective and skills. At the start of the module, we did not know how to embrace diversity. We tried to have the same way of thinking, to uniform our ideas. We quickly learnt that this will not help the group, but destroy it.

The first part of the task was to come up with an idea for a product. This was also the part we struggled with the most…

Source: Magda’s Reflective Essay

MACE Student Stories: Grace

MACE students looking back and connecting the dots: Grace (the brave one!)


Reflective Essay for Design thinking Class —– Lucky 5 (Lucky Bag)


Time fly fast, I can still remember the day I was very nervous when I go to the first class. It was in September but there were just a few classmates because of the school bus. I was very happy when we got a notebook from Moleskine and new books on the first day. And I can still remember clearly the first day of the design thinking class. We went to Kingston downtown and trying to find the modification of banking system. It was really interesting, I remember our group was doing the Argos, and we made a prototype of a machine, which was really functional (XD). And this is my first time doing the prototype, also the first time to know the class can also be so interesting.

Forming a Group and Team work:




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