MACE Student Stories: Grace

MACE students looking back and connecting the dots: Grace (the brave one!)


Reflective Essay for Design thinking Class —– Lucky 5 (Lucky Bag)


Time fly fast, I can still remember the day I was very nervous when I go to the first class. It was in September but there were just a few classmates because of the school bus. I was very happy when we got a notebook from Moleskine and new books on the first day. And I can still remember clearly the first day of the design thinking class. We went to Kingston downtown and trying to find the modification of banking system. It was really interesting, I remember our group was doing the Argos, and we made a prototype of a machine, which was really functional (XD). And this is my first time doing the prototype, also the first time to know the class can also be so interesting.

Forming a Group and Team work:




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