You’ve been hired!

“You’re been hired!” is something great to hear right? However, when you start working in a new place expectations are very high on all sides and the struggle is part of the game.
Unlimited Lab is preparing a hands-on experience for #MACE16 to test your prototyping skills and see how you can think with your hands.


Save the dates:

Day 1 – Concept development
1st November 2016
2PM – 6PM
Kingston Hill Campus KHFL1026

Day 2  – Rapid-prototyping
4th November 2016
10AM – 6PM
FAB LAB London
1 Frederick’s Pl, London EC2R 8AE

Day 2 will be a further exploration of what you have achieved at the end of Day 1 so the attendance to both days is crucial to make the most of this experience and be able to apply your learnings to your businesses.

You wouldn’t show up your first day (I hope not even for an interview…) without knowing anything about the company values, goals etc. right? So, remember to read carefully the documentation provided and do your research. You will find important keywords and the market assumptions we want to put to the test in the brief ↓

Unlimited Lab | MVP Workshop Brief

And, if you feel inspired here some of our favourites books:

The Lean Startup – Eric Reis (…you know this one)

Understanding Industrial Design – King & Chang

The Design of Everyday Things – Dan Norman

Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing – Lipson, Hod, Kurman, Melba

Cradle to Cradle – Braungart & McDonough.

You will be given a list of free software and apps for design and prototyping during the weekend, if you want to start exploring the makers world on your own.

We hope to see you all on the Prototyping Week, we will have a lot of fun.

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