The Reader’s Digest – A pick of January blog posts

– This selection of blog posts provides an overview of your ongoing work and reflections as you have entered the second term and started selling your products in trade fairs.

The LEGO Serious Play activity has been extremely popular among MACE students, with some interesting reflections on the role of play to enhance creativity; as well as on the challenges and the enjoyment encountered in ‘thinking with hands’. How can you apply this design thinking technique to your business context? How would you materialize the vision of your company with a LEGO artifact? Here’s are some interesting reflections:

Others have enjoyed Yannis’ lecture on crowdfunding and learnt about how to fund a start-up. The next step is thinking about how you can actually use this in practice in order to fund your start-up and reach a break even point. Some nice summaries:

And finally, the start of the new year and the beginning of a term rich of new and exciting activities has spurred a lot of reflections, reviews, and propositions for the future. Some interesting lessons learned:

Thanks for sharing your posts!



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