Academy Awards 2017 – And the winner is…

The afternoon of the Oscars! Our teams have gone live, and hopefully will go viral, with their YouTube adverts showcasing innovative products. It’s been a tough competition, but eventually the Oscar for Best Advert was awarded to Masterly (without any mistakes from the Academy). Their advert is professional and effective. It uses a humorous language that is memorable in itself, without putting the product into the shade. It also shows how the product has been re-positioned over the last few weeks, and how it’s now targeting a broader audience.

But most importantly, adverts have been an occasion for all teams to reflect on branding, communication and storytelling. As film-makers, our teams have played with a number of narrative genres to showcase their products and engage with their audiences!

Well done to all teams.

Here’s the links to the adverts. Sit back and enjoy.


Bright Light team

Start me up team

Hugh Manatee team

4 Seekers team

Univeau team



Kingston startups are taking over the Kingston Ancient Market – this Saturday 10AM – 5PM

Saturday 4 March 2017, 10AM – 5PM

trade fair 15

Kingston Ancient Market Trade Fair March 2016, photo by Fernando Trueba

This Saturday we are taking over the Kingston Ancient Market and if you believe the weatherman – the weather might be on our side!

kingston weather

As long as it doesn’t pour, it’s good. Please dress for bad weather. It is very cold standing in the market selling the whole day.

When we first started taking students to the Kingston Ancient Market, we only used to sell for a couple of hours on a Thursday. It was always a good experience, but the market wasn’t very busy and teams always glided through the experience effortlessly… …a little too effortlessly – we realised we needed to go bigger to provide you with a learning experience that also tests your entrepreneurial drive.

trade fair mace11

Trade Fair 2011 poster, MA Creative Industries and the Creative Economy

Imagine your income depends on this business. Unless you make money, you don’t eat.

To participate in the market, you spent time dealing with organisers and applying for a market stall. You completed your registration (which includes your business plan), provided your insurance documents and your risk assessment (see StudySpace), hired your table, and paid your market fee. You have spent time and money before getting to the market. On the day of the market, you will first work to cover your costs before you can start making any profit, and that is not even considering your production costs, etc. If you don’t make any money, it means you have lost both time and money.

Here, we organise the market stalls for you. Sometimes students get tired and fed up by 2PM and ask if they can go home. We are not going to hold you. However, when you feel fed up on Saturday, please look around the market at the other traders selling there on the day. They have no choice, they can’t afford to get fed up – they have families to feed and bills to pay.

If you want to run your own business, you will have to be brave.

Here is the plan of action for the day.


8:00AM Meet by the statue in the Market Square for info and gazebo allocation

8:00 – 8:15AM Tables delivered

8:30 – 9:45AM Set up

10:00AM Teams start selling

11:00AM Judges start judging

3:00PM Judges announce winners: Best Product (£60), Best Stand (£60), Best Sales Team (£60), Best Company (£100)

5:00PM Clear up; prepare tables for collectionclear up all rubbish

5:30PM Tables collected; END


Each team will be provided with a wood trestle table 4ft x 2ft 6″ (H 76.2cm, W121.92cm). Electricity is available to all teams. Your table will be inside a gazebo, each 3m x 3m, as in the photo.


We have 14 gazebos, and these will be positioned in the Market as in the plan. Please note gazebos will be allocated on Saturday morning, on arrival, and can’t be requested.

site plan

You will share your gazebo with another team so make sure your stand design is not intruding the other team’s space and ability to sell.

Please be considerate to others at all times.

On the day, I will collect £10 from each team. This money will go towards cash prizes, awarded in 4 categories:

Best Product – £60 prize

Best Sales Team – £60 prize

Best Trade Stand – £60 prize

Best Overall Company – £100 prize

 All winners also receive Young Enterprise certificates.

That’s all! Let’s make it a great trade fair experience!

If you have a question, please post it below so that the whole class learns from it.

See you all Friday!

Old Spitalfields Trade Fair, Bright Ideas Final… and alternative facts


It has been an incredibly intense week, with two high-profile events such as the Trade Fair in Old Spitalfields and the Bright Ideas Final. Congratulations to all the students and the teams who participated! Here’s some pics.

Old Spitalfields, Team Bright Light (credits: Young Enterprise). Lovely pics of the team in action!



Old Spitalfields, Team Facile (credits: Young Enterprise). What a pity – we do not have an audio of this conversation!



And some more pics which I took at the Bright Ideas Final. Here’s Team Univeau with a leaner stand and a greatly improved logo. From Travelunique to Untangled!


And new materials for Runeasy:


Check out also their news on Twitter. It’s great, really. It’s alternative facts: