Academy Awards 2017 – And the winner is…

The afternoon of the Oscars! Our teams have gone live, and hopefully will go viral, with their YouTube adverts showcasing innovative products. It’s been a tough competition, but eventually the Oscar for Best Advert was awarded to Masterly (without any mistakes from the Academy). Their advert is professional and effective. It uses a humorous language that is memorable in itself, without putting the product into the shade. It also shows how the product has been re-positioned over the last few weeks, and how it’s now targeting a broader audience.

But most importantly, adverts have been an occasion for all teams to reflect on branding, communication and storytelling. As film-makers, our teams have played with a number of narrative genres to showcase their products and engage with their audiences!

Well done to all teams.

Here’s the links to the adverts. Sit back and enjoy.


Bright Light team

Start me up team

Hugh Manatee team

4 Seekers team

Univeau team



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