Welcome MACE17

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 03.14.22Dear Students,

Welcome to Kingston Business School’s MA in Creative Industries & the Creative Economy (or MACE as it is usually referred to) which is now entering its 10th year. You are now officially a member of the MACE community and as such you are a MACER!

MACE is an enjoyable if challenging programme that offers a genuinely inspiring and innovative learning experience. This unique business degree programme enables you to combine your specific creative practice and skills with a rigorous business education customised for the creative industries. The course encourages high levels of creativity, networking and ‘learning by doing’. It has been developed by academics and creative economy practitioners at Kingston Business School to help you respond to emerging trends and opportunities to realise value in the creative economy.

As always, the true nature of the course will only be revealed through the unique interaction with YOU, the individuals for whom the course has been designed.  We very much look forward to getting to know each one of you, and sharing in a rewarding and happy time whilst you are on the programme.

With our very best wishes,

Janja Song

(On behalf of the MACE Course Team)

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