Student Stories: Intellectual Property Rights And How To Obtain Permission


Somewhere in London Being incognito đź‘€

Here are three things I will never forget when it comes to Intellectual Property Rights, as explained to us by Ms. Naomi Korn in her workshop.

No. 1: You probably knew this but just didn’t do it (to dancers):

You must obtain permission from the owner of the copyright of any music you wish to play in a public place or to perform to music in a public place. You must also get additional permission to post the footage on youtube, instagram, or Facebook (or any social media).

No. 2: I bet you didn’t know this  (to all artists):

When you post anything that you own the copyright to on social media (a drawing of yours, a dance clip of yours, an excerpt from a book you wrote, or a sculpture that you created that took 4 years to complete…) you lose the copy right to your…

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