The NOT SO SMART WATCH by Shed Simove

Sheridan ‘Shed’ Simove gave a brilliant speech at Enterprise! Insights last night. The provocative author, entrepreneur, and speaker offered useful tips for prospective entrepreneurs: look at other industries for inspiration, borrow concepts to bring into your own industry, and break the rules of the game. He underscored the importance of attending trade fairs, using visuals to pitch ideas, and having prototypes to ‘touch and feel’.

Among other ground-breaking ideas, Shed is the proud inventor of Shinder: A dating app in which there is only one guy available (himself). The slogan is quality, not quantity – a provocation that calls into question our hyper-competitive online environments. Shed’s controversial idea is to create a ‘safe harbor’ in which one cannot fail, but only be the first in a market of one. Shinder has gone viral, and has been a success – except for a legal battle started by the giant Tinder! But as Shed has noted, “it’s unlikely that the female population will stop using Tinder and start using Shinder” (BBC, 2017).

My previous blog post “Theories in Practice” used Apple Watch to exemplify different logics – deduction, induction, problem solving (aka abduction-1), and abduction. Interestingly, Shed Simove came up with a new product called The Not So Smart Watch (a Pears Production):

Cheapest Smartwatch ever? The NOT SO SMART WATCH™ from Shed Simove

Which is the logic behind the invention of the Not So Smart Watch? Deduction, induction, problem solving, or abduction? Big (fake) prizes to all those who give the right answer in the comments!

And if you have missed Shed’s talk yesterday, here’s a video on how to unlock your creativity:

3 ways to have amazing ideas: Shed Simove at TEDxStPeterPort

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