Who will be your first customer? Kingston Business School Trade Fair




12:15 SET UP

13:00 – 17:00 TRADE


Who will be your first customer? On Thursday 25 January, you will be introducing your product (or service) to the market! We expect a total of 18 start-up teams (among undergraduate and postgraduate students) to be participating in the trade fair.

At the trade fair, you will experience what it means to bring a product (or service) to the market. It is an important opportunity for you to better understand the market, to gather feedback from customers and – hopefully – to sell!

The trade fair will be visited by judges, who will assign prizes for the best trade stand, best sales team, best product, and best company overall. They will be walking around and talking with you to pick the winner.

Please bring £10 per team to make a contribution towards cash prizes. These will awarded in 4 categories:


A few tips:

  • Engage with your customers and judges in a positive and professional manner. Show your interpersonal, interactive skills. Define a consistent strategy to approach your customers and generate interests and sales.
  • Have you got your product/service ready? If not how will you showcase your product/service (e.g., prototypes, drawings, and sketches)? If you are selling a product, have you thought about the packaging?
  • Which problem does your product/service solve? Be clear and consistent regarding the unique advantage of your product/service. Show an understanding of your competition and of your target market.
  • Are you clear on pricing? Are you prepared to take note of your sales? Will you have change to give to the customers? Will you give a receipt to the customers (to acknowledge their purchase)? This can be hand-written and/or delivered via email.
  • Is the layout of your stand effective and tidy? Does it communicate your product/service, and tell a consistent story? Avoid unnecessary and potentially confusing elements (e.g., party decorations).
  • Think about business cards, leaflets, and other tangible objects that will help the customers remember you in the future. Bring a notepad to take note of the contact details of customers who are interested in your product/service.
  • Be there on time and organize shifts within your team in order to make sure that the stand is not left unattended, and that team members have a chance to take a rest after some time of trading.
  • Tweet and post on social media about this event in order to attract customers to your stand! Take pictures that you will be posting on your blog posts.


[11.00-12.00: The caretakers lay out the tables in the Atrium as in the attached drawing]

12.15-13.00: Students arrive and take their tables on a first-come, first-serves basis. Each student company set up their stand using the provided tables. For inspiration, see the below picture from last year’s trade fair.

13.00: Trade begins! We are expecting 11 undergraduate companies and 7 postgraduate companies, for a total of 18 student teams trading on site. I will be visiting the stands and collecting GBP 10 from each student company. The total will be awarded to the winners of the trade fairs, and distributed equally across four categories: best trade stand, best sales team, best product, and best company overall.

14.00: The judges arrive. They will be visiting the stands and talking to the student teams.

15.30: The judges return their judging sheets.

16.15: The winners of the trade fair are announced. Each prize is worth GBP 45.

BY 17:00: End of trading and clean-up of the space. Please do not leave any rubbish on site!

[17.00-16.00: The caretakers collect the tables]

Trade Fair 2017 Edition

2017 Kingston Business School Trade Fair


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