MACE 17 Mock Dragons’ Den is here!

On 9 March, you will receive feedback on your presentations. This will help you in preparation for the Final Dragons’ Den. Attendance to the Mock and Final Dragons’ Den is compulsory.


  • Each team will have 6 minutes for their presentation + 10 minutes for questions and feedback from judges. You will be stopped if you go over 6 minutes.
  • Please bring your presentation on a USB stick and send a copy to me no later than Friday 9 March at 12:00 noon (for back-up purposes).
  • Remember to also submit your business report on Canvas before the deadline (see Canvas for details).

Here’s the plan for the day. You will attend all presentations.


14:30 : One Minute

14:55 : Global Song

15:20 : Yobbafic

15:45 : Quintet

16:10 : Hi-Phive

16:35 : Eatome

17:00 : Pukka Pooch


Engage with the documents discussed in class. These are available also in Canvas, in the Unit Page ‘Pitching & Dragons’ Den’.

Be positive and engaging. Do not argue with the judges.

Use slides to show only images. Do not exceed the allotted time. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.

Prepare your strategy for dealing with Q&A. Do not talk over your team mates!

Tie up lose ends! Build on feedback from December and show to the judges that you have addressed and resolved problems.




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