Oli Gots: Cooltsalon network & Cooltzine vol.1 launch

Oli Gots (MA Creative Economy 2009-2010), is a curator and producer who has been designing and delivering memorable events in both London and Sofia. She recently returned to London with her latest collaborative project Cooltsalon and is very excited to invite us to the Cooltzine launch event on 12 May.

Cooltsalon is as a platform for ideas and creativity exchange in urban context. Through tailored events and immersive projects, Cooltsalon gives exposure to individual voices hidden behind the collective city life and creates new creative partnerships. 

Cooltsalon: culture + cool + salon = a storytelling opportunity

“A salon is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, partly to amuse one another and partly to refine taste and increase the knowledge”

Cooltsalon’s very first annual zine – Cooltzine vol.1will be launched on 12 May 2018, through a one-day-only ‘paperless’ exhibition happening beyond geographical boundaries in 4 cities simultaneously – London (Leyden Gallery), Berlin (be’kech), Belgrade (Kvaka 22), and Sofia (Cush.BAR).

Works (photos and photo collages, illustrations, mixed media) of vol.1 contributors will be presented as a video installation, while print copies of Cooltzine will be available from the partner venues. 

The zine carries on the message of re-discovering the city, re-connecting and exchanging our stories as urban dwellers.  The brief for Cooltzine vol.1 was “Neglected spaces in YOUR city where you find inspiration”, inviting visual stories as responses from different parts of the world.

Cooltzine vol.1 – Moira Ness: Atlantis (Photo courtesy of Oli Gots)

Cooltzine vol.1 – Lee Sydney (Photo courtesy of Oli Gots)

This first zine edition is made by 40 contributors, from early to mid-career artists, as well as self-taught multidisciplinary practitioners and amateur photographers. Contributors profiles can be found on Cooltsalon’s page.

Cooltzine vol.1 – Svetoslav Todorov (Photo courtesy of Oli Gots)

Find out more on the Facebook event page.

“It would be good to see MACErs participating in the Cooltsalon network! 🙂 See you all there!”

Oli Gots

Events Curator/Publicist & Marketing: Arts, Film & Multimedia

Find me online! The DotsCooltsalonLinkedIn

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