Creative Collaboration: Managing FOR Creativity

How to work with your team? Celina’s thoughts and reflections on how to collaborate and work better with your start-up teams.


This month, during a Conducting Collaborative Creativity class in my master we had a brilliant lecture by Alison Coward from Bracket on how to better conduct work with creative teams. Until now, I have led teams of creative professionals, yet everything I’ve done, I learned by doing. This was my first experience of understanding the theories of working with a creative group along with the previous practical lesson with Lego Serious Play.

I took two main lessons from Alison: if you have a good communication and a high element of trust in your team, you are in the right path. Creatives don’t like to be told what to do, they don’t want to be managed, but they like to be facilitated. Interestingly, everyone assumes that communication and collaboration will just happen, when actually, to improve work with your teams, you have to establish how exactly your team will work. There is no recipe, it changes…

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