Academy Awards 2017 – And the winner is…

The afternoon of the Oscars! Our teams have gone live, and hopefully will go viral, with their YouTube adverts showcasing innovative products. It’s been a tough competition, but eventually the Oscar for Best Advert was awarded to Masterly (without any mistakes from the Academy). Their advert is professional and effective. It uses a humorous language that is memorable in itself, without putting the product into the shade. It also shows how the product has been re-positioned over the last few weeks, and how it’s now targeting a broader audience.

But most importantly, adverts have been an occasion for all teams to reflect on branding, communication and storytelling. As film-makers, our teams have played with a number of narrative genres to showcase their products and engage with their audiences!

Well done to all teams.

Here’s the links to the adverts. Sit back and enjoy.


Bright Light team

Start me up team

Hugh Manatee team

4 Seekers team

Univeau team



Old Spitalfields Trade Fair, Bright Ideas Final… and alternative facts


It has been an incredibly intense week, with two high-profile events such as the Trade Fair in Old Spitalfields and the Bright Ideas Final. Congratulations to all the students and the teams who participated! Here’s some pics.

Old Spitalfields, Team Bright Light (credits: Young Enterprise). Lovely pics of the team in action!



Old Spitalfields, Team Facile (credits: Young Enterprise). What a pity – we do not have an audio of this conversation!



And some more pics which I took at the Bright Ideas Final. Here’s Team Univeau with a leaner stand and a greatly improved logo. From Travelunique to Untangled!


And new materials for Runeasy:


Check out also their news on Twitter. It’s great, really. It’s alternative facts:


The reader’s digest – Postcards from the trade fair

It’s been great to see how much effort and enthusiasm all teams have put into their trade fair! The products, the stands and the pitches revealed a great deal of creativity, passion, and hard work. While some teams were ready with their products to sell, other teams had the chance to gather additional data from potential users, and to further test their prototypes through informal conversation or semi-structured interviews. A ‘lesson learned’ reported from all bloggers consists of putting a great deal of attention into details, and in verbal as well as nonverbal communication. The colors used in packaging, the attire of the stand, and the dress code of teams all communicate – and there is a need for consistency in the message. Here’s some ‘postcards from the trade fair’.

Alex’s post speaks of enthusiasm and pride for their work:

Celina’s post offers very interesting reflections on exploring senses, emotions and storytelling – along with some amazing pictures that show how the product logo was conceived from a graphic design perspective:

Mick has learnt a lot from looking at other stands and speaking with other teams, and he is laying out the next steps for the development of their Homebrella:

Helene is sharing her most important learning point: “Additionally, we found that our product isn’t necessarily only for sleep-use. Many people watch Netflix and movies, and listen to music just for the entertainment value, in bed.” Read the full post at:

And Kirsty is also doing what, in business terms, would be called an ‘after action review’ – but her post is that of a ‘design thinker’ who is trying to re-frame the problem and look at materials, processes, as well as the future:

Thanks to all of you for sharing your thoughts… and keep blogging!

The Reader’s Digest – A pick of January blog posts

– This selection of blog posts provides an overview of your ongoing work and reflections as you have entered the second term and started selling your products in trade fairs.

The LEGO Serious Play activity has been extremely popular among MACE students, with some interesting reflections on the role of play to enhance creativity; as well as on the challenges and the enjoyment encountered in ‘thinking with hands’. How can you apply this design thinking technique to your business context? How would you materialize the vision of your company with a LEGO artifact? Here’s are some interesting reflections:

Others have enjoyed Yannis’ lecture on crowdfunding and learnt about how to fund a start-up. The next step is thinking about how you can actually use this in practice in order to fund your start-up and reach a break even point. Some nice summaries:

And finally, the start of the new year and the beginning of a term rich of new and exciting activities has spurred a lot of reflections, reviews, and propositions for the future. Some interesting lessons learned:

Thanks for sharing your posts!