Come along to the Mayor’s Entrepreneur Competition to support our Kingston University Finalists!

Congratulations Irene Canuti and Josue Vivas Hernandez for making it into this year’s top ten for the Mayor of London’s Entrepreneur competition with the multi-materials extruder for direct 3D printing!

Irene is a MACE graduate and both Irene and Josue have been making time for you as your mentors this year – please join me on Monday 20 March 11:30 – 17:00 to help cheer and support them! You’ll perhaps get some ideas for your own entries next year!

Book your ticket for the final of the Mayor’s Entrepreneur Competition to support Irene and Josue:

Monday 20th March, 11:30 – 17:00, London City Hall

Attention! Final Dragons’ Den is this Friday!

FRIDAY, 17 March 2017, Kingston Business School 



Your job this week is to use all the feedback you received last week in your Mock Dragons’ Den to improve your presentations – just like you’ve been improving your products the whole year.

The most important feedback from judges last week was – IMPROVE HOW YOU SPEAK OF YOUR BUSINESS AMBITIONS and CONSIDER THE FUTURE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

When it comes to selecting a team for the National Start-up Final, the judges will be looking for a forward-looking team with energy, ambition and a believable plan for the future to represent Kingston University at the national level of competition.



  • You will have 6 min for your presentation + 10 min to answer questions from judges
  • You only need to attend your presentation slot

ALL presentation will be accessed from USB sticks we prepare and hand in to judges. This is to keep us on schedule, and to avoid logging in/out and tech problems.

  • ALL teams must send me a Dropbox link to their presentation BY 10AM on THURSDAY 16 March. This will be your final version, and no changes can be made on Friday. This is to ensure you get your beauty sleep.
  • Nevertheless, bring a backup copy on a stick with you. You will only be able to use it if something goes wrong with the copy given to judges.


  1. DIGITAL COPY – via TurnitIn/StudySpace, BY 23:59 on Tuesday 14 March  
  2. PRINTED COPY (colour, bound) – HAND IN TO JUDGES before presentation on Friday 17 March

* 1 submission per team 


ALL teams have TWO time slots they must attend:



  • 6 min presentation + 10 min Q&A
  • You only need to attend your presentation slot
   KHFL0011  KHFL2001  KHFL2008  KHBS1007  KHBS2025
 15:00 Arrival for the 1st team in each room
 15:15 CarbonX Pantha SSAAV Masterly Univeau
 15:40 Catchy Start-up Arabisc Infinity Group 4 Seekers Bright Light
 16:05 PABLO SWOSH C1ean Station Facile ZTZG
 16:30 Black arrow 7Thirthy Dals Innovatio Circulus
 16:55 Neutral The Imparables Shark Hugh Manatee Start Me Up
 17:20  Bluegreen Bracelets   Z Company  5 Volts    



2 min elevator pitch + 2 questions 1 min each

  • If you are selected for the Pitching Competition by the judges in your room, you will need to be prepared to deliver your 2 min max elevator pitch
  • All teams + all judges
19:00 END
  • The second time slot for ALL teams is 18:00 in Room 0026 (lecture theatre, ground floor). This second session is for the Young Enterprise competition, where judges will nominate teams to go into the final pitching round. You will find out who is selected at 18:00 in Room 0026 – if you are not there, you miss your opportunity. If selected for the Pitching Competition, your team will need to deliver your 2 minute elevator pitch in front of all the judges and answer 2 questions from judges. By 19:00, the judges will choose 1 team to represent Kingston University at the Young Enterprise National Start-up Final. The winning team will be announced at the Celebrate Enterprise event on 23 March.


We have booked extra rooms for you where you can practice before your presentation:

  • KHFL0014 for undergraduate teams (available 14:00 – 18:00)
  • KHBS1002 for postgraduate teams (available 14:00 – 18:00)

You can use KHBS0027 after you have finished your presentation, while you wait for the Pitching Competition (available 15:00 – 18:00).

Practice and prepare! …and make sure you are in the right room at the right time! 🙂

Get ready! Mock Dragons’ Den this Friday

The purpose of the Mock Dragons’ Den session this Friday is to give you final feedback on your presentations in preparation for the Final Dragons’ Den next week.

We will use real marking sheets and the feedback you get from judges should help you polish your presentations for the Final Dragons’ Den. This will also help you improve your business reports where more clarity or info is needed.

Please note: this session is compulsory for all. 

Here is the plan of action:

–> Each team will have 6 minutes for their presentation + 10 minutes for questions and feedback from judges. You will be stopped if you go over the permitted 6 minutes.

–> For Mock Dragons’ Den this Friday: we assume you will be working on your presentations so to allow you extra time, bring your presentation on an USB and don’t forget to upload to Dropbox as a backup copy.

–> For Final Dragons’ Den on 17th:  ALL teams must send me a Dropbox link to their presentation BY 10:00AM on THURSDAY 16 March. This will be your final version, and no changes can be made on Friday. ALL presentation will be accessed from USB sticks I prepare for the day to keep us on schedule, and to avoid logging in/out and any tech problems. 

–> Please take note of the schedule below:
ALL  teams need to be present for all presentations in their designated rooms. 

6 min presentation + 10 min Q&A


All teams must be present for all presentations

Bring your presentation on USB stick + upload to Dropbox

KHFL0011  KHFL0014  KHFL2007  KHBS1007  KHBS2025
 14:00 Arrival – Please prepare rooms for presentations



CarbonX Pantha

(Team must leave after the presentation)

SSAAV Masterly Univeau



Catchy Start-up Arabisc Infinity Group 4 Seekers Bright Light



PABLO SWOSH C1ean Station Facile ZTZG



Black arrow 7Thirthy Dals Innovatio Circulus



Neutral The Imparables Shark Hugh Manatee Start Me Up



Bluegreen Bracelets 

(Team will be arriving for the presentation only)

Z Company 5 Volts    









Timekeeper: ALICE COMI




Timekeeper: MARTHA MADOR




Timekeeper: JANJA SONG






17:00 KHBS0026

All teams + all judges – Debrief & feedback

Here is also some advice, based on all the lessons learnt over the years:

–> Be enthusiastic/interesting/engaging – and get to the point! Keep your presentation just under 6 minutes. Script it as you did for the MTCE debates – you all know the drill. Practice.

-> Show images, dress the part, bring your product (bring whatever you want to – if it makes sense for your company!) and be convincing.

-> Do not allow yourself to get surprised with questions from judges. You already know what they are likely to ask. If you are good, their questions will get even harder. 

-> DO NOT argue…don’t even think about it. All humans are biased – you are too, and just because something makes sense to you it doesn’t mean it makes sense to everyone else. 

-> What are you trying to hide? Repackage that NOW so it can work for you – show that you have grown through all the difficulties.

Make sure the judges remember you. And… …smile!!

Please let me know if you have any questions – there’s no such thing as a stupid question and now is the time to ask.
See you Friday, troops!

Shiny happy market faces – trade fair photos!

We had a fantastic market day on Saturday!
Thank you all very much for smiling all the way through and for being one big fantastic team to work with – we are all very proud of you!

Judges had a great day too – but we have to keep their decisions secret for a little while longer. The awards will be announced (and certificates and cash prizes given to teams) during the Celebrate Enterprise event on 23 March. 

All photos by Arturo Olivares. Thank you, Arturo!


Our next trade fair is on 23 March, as part of the Celebrate Enterprise event.

Business Report and Presentation Guidelines (+ a small reward)

Your team business report and your Dragons’ Den presentation are the culmination of your work as a start-up team over the two semesters. Your team report and presentation will account for what you’ve achieved in the business, lessons learned and potential for the future.

The report is a written record of the content in your presentation and achievements of your team, submitted online on Study Space. You must have your team report printed and available for specific questions the judges may have during your Dragons’ Den pitch. 

Your Dragons’ Den presentation must be compelling and you can use projected images, but not a boring PowerPoint slide presentation. 


Report: 2,500 words (excluding Executive Summary and Appendices) with +/- 10% allowance. Max 20 pages (including Appendices)

Presentation: 6 min presentation + 10 min Q&A

The format of report and presentation is outlined in the 5 criteria below. You will be marked based on your presentation, with your report as a written and bound record of that presentation. This work is marked by the judges and the module leader for a combined score.


1:  Business Pitch (worth 20%):

Can you deliver an engaging 6-minute presentation that convinces others to invest in your business?  Do all team members contribute in a balanced way?  Is the business innovative? Does it address a clear problem?

2: Marketing (worth 20%):

Clearly define your chosen target market with supporting evidence.  Did you engage with your target market for product development?

Explain your marketing strategy.  Which marketing channels did you use and why?  What were the results?

Do your advertising materials clearly outline the benefits of your product?  Do they do so in an interesting and compelling way? Does it sync with your brand?

3: Finances (worth 20%):

Have you priced the product/service well?
Have you generated a reasonable number of sales?

Have you invested in the business wisely?
Do you have sound financial plans for carrying it forward?

You must include:

a)    pricing strategy (why you priced the product the way you did and how it left room for profit, this is where you detail all your costs per unit and the amount of profit per unit)

b)   balance sheet (generated from your Young Enterprise software)

c)    profit & loss statement (generated from your Young Enterprise software)

d)   cashflow 1-year forecast from October 2016- September 2017 (excel template in Resources folder on Study Space).

4: Ambition, Customer Relations & Lessons Learned (worth 20%):

Did you set high achievable goals in terms of sales, marketing and product selection?  What were the goals and what did you actually achieve?

What did you learn from your failures when your goals weren’t met?

Have you identified key ways to improve/continue or expand the business in the future?

How did you work with others to gain insight for key aspects of your business?

What have you learned from this live business experience?

5: Sales & Brand—Display Merchandising, Packaging (worth 20%):

Does your packaging clearly communicate what the product is, in a well-designed format? Does your display clearly communicate the message of your product’s benefits as well as your brand?

What is your sales strategy and what were the results?  Is your sales pitch delivered well?

Please include images from your final Trade Fair as well as your product in your pitch and report.

Use the examples from previous years for ideas, but please do not copy. As you’re in touch with students from last year, you can always ask them if they are willing to show you their presentations – use the network available to you.

To reward you for your exemplary attitude and behaviour on Saturday during the Kingston Ancient Market trade fair, we have decided to move the report deadline:

the new deadline for business report Turnitin submission is
Tuesday 14 March 23:59