Student stories: Menghan: “Please stay curious about things, do it!”

Our MACE student Menghan shares her reflections on her experiences and learning this year.


I am very lucky to havean incredible journey in the year of MACE, from the confused state at the beginning of the module to the understanding state at the end, and I feel an unprecedented sense of achievement after reviewing the learning results of this module for a whole year.This blog is for my future self. First of all, when my future self wantsto look back on this particular experience, just come back. I think this blog post, of course, is not limited to this blog post, but all of them are a true record of my experiences and feelings during this year, whether or not I understood them correctly at that time. The second point I want to make is that it is a good habit to record and review. I hope my future self still recording life and work experiences. If my future self looksback at these blogs…

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Congratulations to our six Bright Ideas finalists

Congratulations to six teams from our class who were selected from 700 submissions for the Bright Ideas Grand Final that took place yesterday! We are very proud of you – and you should be proud too of this achievement.

Our teams in the PRODUCTS category:


Compact, stylish seat pad that always ensures you have somewhere warm and cosy to sit on cold days.

  • TASCA 

Chargeable pocket bag.

Our teams in the SCIENCE, HEALTH & WELLBEING category:


Personalised tray for manual wheelchair users.


Danzza is a top amplified with shock-absorbent material that provides protection to dancers in the most fashionable way. 


On the go steamer mug which gives you healthy steamed food in under 6 minutes.

Our team in the VIRTUAL category:

  • FIT ME!

A competitive exercise game that helps people to stay motivated to exercise regularly. 


on their award in the Science, health and wellbeing category!