MACE16 week in tweets

Onward and upward

Congratulations to you all on getting over the hurdle of the first trade fair so bravely and for helping create that great energy we had in the Business School today. What a day! My feet hurt – even though you are the ones who had to do all the work.

I know you really have done a lot of work today – because you told me you learnt a lot today. Talking with people whilst being mentally prepared to take on feedback, no matter what it is, is not an easy task – it is an exhausting task. You all looked tired by the end, but remember how many assumptions and ideas you tested in only a few hours.

Judges and guests were extremely pleased with the energy of the fair – please don’t let that slip away.

Finally, BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Parachutes for winning the Best Trade Stand prize! Well done, team!

Some nice photos from the fair on Facebook and Twitter –  I’ve “stolen” my favourite photo from Facebook – thanks, Fernando 😉

Let’s organise all the trade fair photos in a Dropbox folder. Photos from Anna’s phone to follow!

It is onward and upward from here. Tomorrow we start the day at 10AM in KHBS3036 with Alison Coward from Bracket, who will be working with you on techniques to help you collaborate and do great work with your team. It is important your whole team is present for this session to make sense.

In the afternoon, we are in KHBS3033 from 2PM with Yashar Sadeghi who will work with you on branding, packaging and display design in preparation for your next trade fair. Remember, burn all tablecloths now.

Finally, please report your sales figures to me – 1 email per team, please. Deadline: 2PM tomorrow.

Rest and see you again tomorrow, troops! 🙂