Congrats all MACE15 teams! Go go go team Emperatigo!

Congratulations to all of you on your success in the Dragons’ Den last Friday!

The feedback from judges is fantastic and full of praise, and we are proud of all of you for stepping up to the challenge!

I hope you will join me in congratulating our team Emperatigo who – as a special treat for winning the Dragons’ Den final pitching round – get to do more hard work to represent the Business School and MACE at the Young Enterprise National Start-up Final at the end of May. 😉

They truly have a lot of work to do to prepare for the competition and they will need all of our support as they rewrite their business report for investor audience, prepare a new presentation (and practice it until they can recite it in their sleep, backwards), and build a new trade stand.

We are usually able to get the whole MACE on the guest list so that the whole group can go to the event on the day – cheerleaders sign up list coming soon 😉

Below are a few photos from the Dragons’ Den on Friday, taken by @Lauraa_Born and published by the Business School – thank you! If you have any photos from Friday, please Dropbox them and send them my way.

And now, before our world gets all hectic again, we are going to take a little break and recharge – we need it all! Enjoy your Easter holidays, MACErs, no matter where you are!



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And the award goes to … MACE!!

Troops, what a great trade fair day and Celebrate Enterprise ceremony yesterday!


Great big congratulations to all of you on your fantastic achievements:

  • Congrats to Parachutes for the Best Trade Stand 2016 award!
  • Congrats to Emperatigo for the Best Sales Team 2016 award!
  • Congrats to Lucky 5 for the Best Product 2016 award!
  • Congrats to Luke Ducker for the Student Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 nomination!
  • Congrats to Riccardo Pezzuolo (MACE14) for the Graduate Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 award!

We are all proud of you all – 26 startup teams is a tough competition! Remember that when even one of you wins, it is a win for you all – above all, MACE is one big team!

The excitement continues today – I’ll see you for our Mock Dragons’ Den a little later!

Thank you for the photos, Megan. I’ll post the official photos as soon as they are released by the University.

A MACE week in photos and tweets